Improve SEO with Content Updates

What Are Content Updates?

Content updates are changes to the existing content on your site. Basically, updating content encompasses everything from replacing outdated or low-quality content (images, wording, links) with new, higher-quality content designed to refining the words on your pages all of which support better SEO and drive engagement.

What Should You Change or Add When Updating Content?

The checklist below provides a guide for possible changes or additions when upgrading your site:

  • Copy & Images – Assure that the words and images on your website are current. Have staff left your business? Do you still offer the same products? Are there more current images that better represent your services? Are your images at the best size to reduce your server space cost? Have you refined or changed your messaging?
  • Links – Check all links on your website. Replace links that point to out-of-date information with new ones. It’s always good to check broken links as well and set up redirects to the correct content. Search engines do not look favorably on broken links.
  • Keywords – Conduct new keyword research. The phrases people were using to find content in the past might have changed. Take the time to ensure best keyword placement (which means placing keywords in your website headings). Add anything you can think of that’s relevant to your audience and searchers (or that you may have left out of your original content).
  • Dated Content – Review your website for content and/or phrases that date it. For example, any references to current events that aren’t useful for historical context, should be updated. Another example could be making sure all your policies are current around COVID.
  • Statistics – Replace out-of-date statistics with new information. In most cases, data that’s more than a couple of years old should be updated. You definitely shouldn’t reference statistics older than five years unless that information is providing historical context.

Are you looking to make content updates a regular part of your marketing strategy? Ask us about our content support plans Ask Criana 🙂