Notes & Ideas

Photo + Synthesis

In his book Art of Thought, Graham Wallas (1926) presents one of the first models of the creative process. Wallas explains the creative process in five stages: preparation (brainstorming): preparatory work that focuses the individual's mind on the idea and explores...

Age of Ideas

I’m going to list several things below that actually have something huge in common. Once you see where I’m going with this I’m sure you’ll be able to add many, many more to the list. But most important, if history is any indicator, you’ll also get as excited as me....

A.L.F.A. Strikes Back

I spent most of my formative years in a large town in Litchfield County Connecticut. While its considered the largest town in CT, New Milford is definitely still a town. No large buildings, only hills and the wide Housatonic river running through the valley.