We’re your guide and swiss army knife to the digital interactive landscape and how to harness it to grow your business. We’ve spent years honing our skills and becoming experts in a world filled with acronyms, ever changing standards and emerging technologies. We work with our clients to deliver creative and technical solutions for new websites, updating existing websites, managing their social media to crafting compelling newsletters to their customers. Explore below the details of our process. If you’re ready to get started, book a time with us to discuss your project.

Custom Website Design & Development

Discovery & Strategy

Our initial meeting with you allows us to do a high-level strategy and discovery across all of the areas of your project, both for the short term and the long term. As we work through the different areas of focus, we’ll schedule meetings, as needed, to dig deeper to ensure we are on the best path forward for scope and budget.

UX & Wireframes

Following the strategy and discovery phase we will map out the pages and functions of the website. We provide these as a “site map” and “wireframes.” Our wireframes consist of the unique sections of the website’s primary pages; showing areas of customization and content structure. This allows us to define a content checklist for you to work with.


We start with style tiles to see how the elements of your site will come together with your brand. Think of this like a mood board for your site and brand.

Once we have worked with you to choose a style tile, we move onto designing full compositions of the unique pages of your site.


Using agile methodologies, our development team works to build the site once the wireframes are complete. This process entails the front-end layer of the site; the page layouts, colors, content formatting, and structure.

During this phase, our team is also building the documentation of the project for better future maintenance and support.

Testing & Optimization

We perform tests across major browsers, including Internet Explorer, Chrome, Firefox and Safari. For these tests, we perform them on both the Mac OS and Windows platforms. 

Our sites are responsive, so we test our projects on smart phones and tablets (in both portrait and landscape views). We  also test across device platforms (iOS, Android and Windows mobile).

Adhering to the latest standards, we configure our search optimizations for efficient indexing by search engines.


In preparation for launch, we perform a complete backup of the current site.

When launch day comes, we will configure the new website hosting to connect with the domain hosting provider. We will ensure Domain Name Servers (DNS) records are configured properly, along with a registered Secure Socket Layer (SSL) certificate. If the CLIENT NAME is using Google Apps/GSuite for it’s webmail, we will ensure connections are configured and/or tested. We perform a final round of testing, review SEO settings and then disable Maintenance Mode.

Digital Marketing

Search Engine Optimization

Adhering to the latest standards, we use SEO plugins to maintain and update the meta data for posts, pages and media on the site. We configure our search optimizations for efficient indexing by search engines.

Analytics Analysis

With access provided, we will review your sites analytics profile in Google and make recommendations. We can also work with you in greater detail to complete a more in-depth analysis of your campaign.

Email Marketing & Social Media

We work with your platform to create responsive email templates that work for all clients and devices. We provide support for managing and building lists, as well as scheduling email and social media campaigns.

Digital Care

Much like purchasing a home, a website is a real investment. When you purchase a home, you know that regular, ongoing maintenance is essential. We also know that preventative care is as true for your home as it is for your website.

Ongoing website care is critical for the health and wellness of your website. Symptoms of a compromised site are as follows: an increase in page load time, lowered security, declining search engine rankings and hacking vulnerability. All of which will eventually lead to a frustrating user experience.

With our Digital Care Plans, we keep your website up to date, backed-up and protected. We also provide dedicated support time, custom client dashboards, monthly reports and monthly consulting calls.

We’ll be unveiling our new line up of plans in the next month. Stay tuned!